Cloud service for saving on video traffic

Save up to
on video delivery
It’s possible with WebRTC technology,
which allows direct communication between browsers.

Key features

Works in browser
without any extra plug-ins
Multibitrate (Adaptive Streaming)
Full support
in Chrome, Firefox and Opera
SDKs for Flash, Android
iOS SDK coming soon
HTTP Dynamic and
HTTP Live Streaming
Detailed statistics

How it works

How it works
Usual video delivery
In most common case of video delivery each new viewer connects to mediaserver and downloads video, occupying part of server capacity and bandwidth. The more viewers consume content, the higher server load and the greater payments for traffic.
How it works
FlockPlay enhanced video delivery
FlockPlay allows viewers not only to download and consume content but also to upload small chunks of content to other viewers of the very same content. Thus FlockPlay takes away sufficient part of load from mediaserver and saves your money on traffic payments.

How much does it cost

Pricing depends on your traffic volume and efficiency of FlockPlay with it.
Contact us at  to get the accurate quote.

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